Hey, guys! My name is Maddie aka Tumblr user Glowysh. I’m a glow/pale blog. I like butts and music. I love talking and meeting new people so don’t be scared to send me an ask or something. I also check out/follow all new and similar blogs!



Hi :) I’m Monika aka whitee-queen. I’m 19 years old girl from Europe and I’m going to be a fashion designer :)

 I run fashion/luxury/girly/fit/personal blog and I will follow you if you are similar :) I also will reblog from your “mine page” just ask ! I know something about that depression/anxiety stuff so if you need someone to talk to message me anytime, they say I’m good at giving advices :)

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view from hotel at venice beach


i found myself on omegle



like are you fucking kidding me there were 44,000 people online but i’m still forever alone

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Hey everyone! I’m tumblr user awakebutinadream I’m 17 and I love meeting new people so message me sometime and talk to me and I’ll love you forever and ever <3 I check out all new followers and follow back blogs that are similar to mine. If you ever need help or advice or anything my ask is always open to you guys. I hope you guys have a good day~

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Heyo!~ My name is Jesper aka tumblr user Regrede! My blog is mainly nature & scenery but I like to throw in a little bit of everything from time to time! I’m a music freak that plays guitar, piano and I also DJ! I love interacting with people from all over the world so feel free to message me, I’d like to talk to every single one of you! Peace :)